Wednesday, March 18, 2009


PETER URBAN wrote this book awhile ago describing his interactions with his students over the years.
In it he uses a term called "circus world" by which he describes the "face"some hide behind and present to the world and how training modified or entirely eliminated the need to hide behind such posturing .

If you are a SENSEI you have probably experienced some of which he speaks.
My own experience involves people coming in dressed from head to toe in camo gear shirt pants combat boots or doc martins wanting to know when or how long they have to train before they learn the "deadly commando" stuff.
Then there are the ones who "only want to do full contact kick boxing".Makes you wonder why they aren't at the many studios that offer that exclusively.Of course there is always the wannabe "gangsta's".

Most of these types never sign on anywhere but go thru life trying to impress people with their "circus act".

The book is a very informative look into the such personalitys and how to handle them if they do sign on at your dojo.