Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Body shifts and jumps represent locks and throws.


The above picture was taken at WASEDA UNIVERSITY in 1935 it shows FUNAKOSHI on the left teaching a firemans lift type throw and two other students on the right doing an early version of ground and pound.

This training is pre sport in which such technique was not allowed and for the great majority of western martial artists eliminated in the search for tournament fame and glory .
However they still existed in the KATA .The firemans lift throw can be seen in such KATA as kanku dai usually termed yama uke and with only striking in mind described as blocking 2 punches from 2 different opponents standing to each side of you.It's an interpretation based on not knowing the interpretation //language barriers etc.
The throw is even more obvious in some GOJU kata leaving no doubt you are actually lifting someone over your shoulders.

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