Saturday, March 7, 2009


What makes an explanation of a KATA technique valid ?If we look at the oral tradition governing proper bunkai explanation the task becomes maybe not easier but a lot clearer having a template from which to work.
A valid explanation should
Have the potential to end the conflict immediately
The opponent can not readily launch a follow on strike
You are out of the "line of fire"
Your technique disrupts his balance
I consider these the primarys if you can accomplish just one of them it may not guarantee succes but it is a huge step in that direction.

KATA also gives the impression that your technique is always nose to nose toe to toe slugging it out.Nothing could be farher from the truth .If it was the truth only large fast strong practioners would ever have any hope of succesfully defending themselves.The angles of movement within the KATA enbusen tells you your relationship to the opponents attacking forward movement.Turns and pivots signal a throw lock or sweep.
Looking at KATA as a device to fight multiple opponents is another common fallacy.Some KATA in that case would pit you against as many as 50 opponents each patiently waiting their turn to attack.How do you figure you chances on that happening ?

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