Thursday, March 5, 2009


The debate is ongoing and perhaps will always be a topic in martial arts circles.Is it neccesary ?What value does it have?
If you look at modern training methods they are almost totally geared to sport type practices especially in the realm of sparring.These methods are taken to be self defense measures by most.Such thinking and instruction is misleading and dangerous to the practioner.
Currently KARATEKA of every level are investing hundreds of dollars in learning or believing they are learning pressure point secrets street effective self defense all promoted with grandiose spectacular advertisements in martial magazines and web sites.
If they practice kata all this information is at their finger tips with only a minimal investment in terms of money .Research time and effort is all that is required to do the rest.Best of all scenarios would be to have aq sensei who can teach the proper bunkai.

Why is kata and it's bunkai so ill thought of ?When you get explanations of technique along the lines of.
This kata is for fighting in a narrow alley.
This kata is for fighting in the dark
This kata is for fighting with your back to the wall.
This move is for fighting in tall grass.
This move is for fighting in a rice paddy.
This move is for fighting on 2 hills in a rice paddy.
This move is for restarting your heart if you have a seizure during a fight (I kid you not it is one told to me in all seriousness)

With this blog I will attempt to point in the right direction those seeking to find correct bunkai for their kata by steering those interested to the people and sites that explain and demonstrate proper bunkai .

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