Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am not referring to performing kata for competition but trying to apply kata technique to sport or dojo sparring.
Ideally both practices should be essentialy different .Sport practice both participants are in a ready stance techniques are laubched from a range that facilitates kicking as well as hand strikes.
Self defense technique to add some reality should by practiced with the "defenders" back to a wall about 2 feet behind him.He can stand his ground move forward left or right he can not move back.The "attacker" is only 3 feet away or less both are in a natural stance.

A practioner once asked me "what is your fighting stance" I replied the "the posture I am in when attacked sitting standing laying down " a natural stance.
As the student becomes familiar with the technique the "attacker" starts to add more and more resistance to the "defenders" counter move.

Advanced practice involves the "attacker"making threatening gestures swearing and screaming in the defeders face before launching his attack.
If the "defender" becomes disconcerted nervous or intimidated by this his defense will fail he/she might not even get a technique off .

All technique must consider the possibility of escape as an option as well as subduing the attacker.