Thursday, March 19, 2009


It states "technique is dliberately misnamed" and "there is no block".
Why were technique deliberately misnamed?When ITOSU introduced karate into the school curriculum in OKINAWA he realized that the true intent of many technique could and should not be revealed to children .This type of teaching became the accepted method for teaching KATA to all ages particularly foreign students as unlike the "old days" a sensei could not vouch for the good nature or motives of students for learning martial skills.Commercialized open to all dojo made "knowing" all students literally impossible and many who were given the authority to teach themselves were not taught the true bunkai .

Only the UCHI DAESHI or inside student heir apparent was privy to such knowledge.This has led to over the years a lot of bad guesses and utterly useless and often hysterically funny interpretations of various technique.
One notable misnamed technique is the "augmented forearm block".I dont know about you and this observation is shared by many that if I am fighting anyone so strong it requires the power of both my arms to block his punch I would do well to run very fast in the opposite direction.

Small wonder students tend to believe or adopt the attitude that kata is "just excercise" only for tournaments or equally erroneous concepts.
I will be adding short videos soon that point out these ideas and what KATA really teaches and is saying to you .
Without the code to work from and apply to your KATA as L.A. KANE and KRIS WILDER say in their book "you are just dancing around in your jammies".