Thursday, March 26, 2009


Many assaults begin with a verbal exchange followed by a sucker punch by one of the participants .Reading body language is all important in these "in your face" confrontations.If you avoid places where violence is likely to occur you may never need to use the following information but in our over crowded societys violence for what ever reason can occur and to you.
During the exchange
his eyes get wider
his face gets flushed suddenly same applys if it suddenly goes pale
his voice suddenly rises to shouting level or loud to begin with drops lower
looks away or side to side
attempts to touch you in some manner pushing your shoulder poking your chest with a finger.

The law defines assault as abusive or threatening behaviour battery is the actual attack .You must make it clear to any witnesses that you don't wish to fight by saying loudly "I don't want to fight about it.Why don't we both cool down and forget it"

The worst defense you can go into court with is "he started it"after you beat the crap out of someone.The law considers you both to be equally at fault.And if you go to far the possibility of law suits enter the picture.Have you got a spare 10 K you want to donate toward your lawyers next mercedes.?

Whether you think the above information is useful or not you should practice scenarios centering around such situations .In all such situations your primary goal should be escape which may involve hitting 1st when you sense the situation is only going to end with violence.

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