Thursday, March 12, 2009


In a recent blog KRIS WILDER co author with L.A. KANE of THE WAY OF KATA and THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF VIOLENCE mentioned a conversation he had with TERUO CHINEN a goju master of BUNKAI interpretation that broad scale teaching was inferior to "in depth" teaching.
I feel this in depth study of karate can best be developed thru the utilization of proper BUNKAI applications .To many students look at KATA as something "I gotta do for my next belt" without understanding the depths of technical knowledge contained within these rather simple formalaic excercises.
Some SENSEI have taken the course of teaching all the techniques and their variation BEFORE teaching the KATA so the student understands the possibilitys before he/she learns the KATA which for many is going to make the KATA much more interesting and not just a "time filler".