Friday, April 24, 2009


I am referring to the 5 fundamentals of sound technique that should be used to interpret kata technique and pressure test self defense technique .

1 The technique should have the potential to end the fight immediately.
2 It should make a follow up strike by the attacker impossible or at least difficult
3 It should have potential of allowing for quick escape if neccesary.
4 It must work against a fully resisting partner.
5 It must work close in where most self defense situations occur.

Put to the above tests you will likely find most technique falls flat on it's face and at best merely delays the inevitable of both of you beating the crap out of each other where only the biggest and strongest win.
You can't pick and chose opponents in assaults and you likely have been picked as a target because he figures you are not going to be a problem .

A technique has to fullfill only one of the above and that is # 4 the rest can't occur if you fail in that requirement.

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