Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Of ten confused as being the same thing and tho similar they can be worlds apart.
Respect to the samurai was something earned and not always easily given. Courtesy on the other hand was listed in some samurai documents and syllabus as a strategy of personal protection and one not easily understood or practiced if one had a vain or arrogant nature.

FUNAKOSHI said "when you go out a 1000 foes await you".Sound paranoid?It's not he was merely stating without getting long winded about it that if you go out with a vain arrogant or selfish attitude you will someday somewhere meet the person who will take grave offense with your attitude and leave you dead or waiting for an ambulance in the gutter or on a bar room floor.If they can't do it with fists and feet they will find a way they can .Count on it.

Courtesy to all respect is earned and courtesy masks skill and ultimately intention.
"Karate ni sente nashi"is another of FUNAKOSHI's precepts usually misinterpreted as meaning you allow the attacker to throw the 1st punch or kick etc.
It actually states you do not show the 1st intention of striking .Your calm corteous manner masks your ability and intent to do serious harm if attacked and can even involve striking 1st.There are situations where it is abuntantly clear you are about to be attacked without your attacker taking the 1st punch.

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