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There seems to be to points of view regarding karate and martial arts in general .The DO side and the JUTSU side.Because of the actions of some unscrupolous characters involved in the arts who advertise their art as a JUTSU technique to appear variously as more effective more deadly more practical etc. those who promote the DO view practioners of JUTSU technique as violent idiots.
Both approaches are incorrect and their posistions based on misinformation.A common claim of some jutsu adherents is "we have collected all the deadliest street fighting techniques from various arts to form this fear no man method".
Truth is you can't have one without the other and still call it karate or judo or any other method you care to name.The masters created a balance between the two sides of the same coin.
KATA when the correct bunkai is understood is almost totally a jutsu expression .As many of the technique have brutal savage responses to life threatening situations most are centered around control restraint and escape .There are throws take downs sweeps locks and chokes hidden in the depths of KATA everything you need to defend yourself .
Practioners of the DO or what they think is the DO say you must not question the explanations given or you must train for years before you can understand the kata.If the explanation is unrealistic and useless then so too is kata and how many people are going to give years to their practice .Two out of 5000 is a fair estimate .
Advocates of what they call jutsu say kata is useless and has no practical value .Both sides have missed the point and the purpose of both the DO and JUTSU and are practicing 1/2 arts.
SHOTOKAN is the name by which people describe MASTER FUNAKOSHI's legacy but the official name of his method is dai nippon kempo JUTSU karate DO.
In his early 80s he was accosted by a street tough in tokyo his hand shot forward and grasped the assailant by the testicles and held him until the police came no doubt attracted by his high girlish screams to take him away .
Nothing mysterious or secret or even advanced and not very DO like but pure JUTSU.


  1. I believe it possible that you may have misunderstood Master Funakoshi’s testicle-“JUTSU”. Some would argue that it is entirely DO and nothing more.

    If so, then it is also possible that you may have done the Master a grave injustice by citing his actions as a perfect example of JUTSU, rather than crediting him for his JUUJUN.

    The real issue is not about JUTSU or DO, but rather a complete disregard of BUSHIDO. I am quite certain that Master Funakoshi himself would not regard a claim like “we have collected all the deadliest street fighting techniques from various arts…” as courteous or even truthful.

    The first concept taught in the 15 millenia old olympic martial art, is that every man must be feared and respected. The current UFC champion may have something to say on the subject.


  2. Were you stoned when you wrote this?I misunderstood FUNAKOSHI's testicle.The rest of your post doesn't even begin to approach anything in the article and is just a ramble. komatsu

  3. Courtesy is art which you clearly have not mastered yet.

    If I have offended you with use of the term “Bushido”, may I offer the following the alternatives: virtue, honor, rectitude, politeness, benevolence, sincerity, loyalty, valor or self-control.

    Because it would be impolite and arrogant, I would not insist that “Karate is not a martial art, but rather a self-defense technique of arguable usefulness against relatively incompetent opposition”, even if such a statement might be true or not.

    Your rendition of Master Funakoshi’s testicle grabbing differs significantly from his own humble account. Unlike you, I believe his actions both mysterious and exceptionally advanced: (i) Why would an 80 year old master back away courteously and remove his hat to bow to an assailant whom has already lunged at him? (ii) How did the Master recognize so quickly from the assailant’s voice that he was an amateur? (iii) Attempted to avoid confrontation on five separate occasions? (iv) Was able to read the attacker’s intended in his eyes, (v) instantly recognized vulnerabilities, (iv) avoid a blow and grab the attacker’s testicles simultaneously.

    What is even more amazing is that 80-year old Master felt ashamed about his actions, and somehow felt that he was responsible for initiating the offensive. (Personally, I believe it possible that the Master may have judged himself too harshly.)

    You should know that when mastered neither JUTSU nor DO exists. (No, I’m not stoned…that stuff’s for real.)

    Refer also to the Great Sage (Toa of Jeet Kune Do – Bruce Lee)

    “Victory is for the one,
    Even before the combat,
    Who has no thought of himself,
    Abiding in the no-mind-ness of Great Origin”


  4. Karate is not a martial art, but rather a self-defense technique of arguable usefulness against relatively incompetent opposition”,

    I would say that is the whole truth of "modern" karate by the methods used to teach it today.So FUNAKOSHI was a humble man very admirable good for him end of story.

    You seem to imply some magic to FUNAKOSHI or higher understanding
    (Was able to read the attacker’s intended in his eyes)ask any street tuff or anybody who has experienced violence.If we all didn't have that ability to some extent we would be best to stay at home.
    (How did the Master recognize so quickly from the assailant’s voice that he was an amateur? )
    I think you have led a very sheltered life because if there is something "enlightened" about that then I am amonmg the enlightened.It's the same instinct cops have when seperating the mouth warriors from the real deal.How the street experienced seperate the wannabe's from the doer's.

    The fact you offer up the "great sage" LEE as an example is typical of those who have no will other than to follow and copy and bitch at those who don't share your neat little antiseptic view of things.You have built your self a nice box in which to reside and be smug.

    As for me I would rather be considered arrogant and free of anyones concepts.


  5. >>I think you have led a very sheltered life

    If you believe me to live a (relatively) sheltered life, then:

    by country you can only reside in Honduras

    by city you can only reside in Caracas, Venezuela.



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