Saturday, April 4, 2009


Just how martial are they ?These days everything is lumped together as a "martial art" boxing wrestling judo etc. disciplines that were never considered to be anything else than sports until the explosion of karate tkd and kung fu came on the scene and lately bjj and mma.

The term martial arts didn't exist in any dictionary except as a description of tha koryu budo of ancient JAPAN such as KENJUTSU and JUJUTSU and the various ryu that that comprised the weapon arts of the JAPANESE military in the use of spear halberd bow and arrow horsemanship etc.

There is nothing in any of the teachings or writings of any karate master to suggest the art was designed for or derived from the military.ITOSU suggested it was a good physical preparation for the military not after joining the military.

The military teaches boxing to toughen people up and it is excellent for that purpose but I don't see anybody surviving against someone weilding a bayonet or kbar and trying to box with him.
BJJ and MMA are taught for the same reasons plus it takes more endurance to grapple than it does to box so has an added benefit .Most military instructors will tell you and those who have been in combat agree that if you end up on the ground in close quarters combat in a war situation you will likely end up dead or dying
Each art has a distinct purpose that enhances a soldiers survivability touhness endurance strength but the actual technique goes out the window once a kill or be killed shit hits the fan situation is encountered .

Because everyone is different and will react in different ways to such situations some instructors say you can't teach or even learn what is required except by experiencing it.

Many site various arts use in ancient combat a favourite being pankaration the GREEK ancient MMA but do they realize that one champion won the annual championship 5 years in a row by biting off a few of his opponents fingers.Kind of puts a whole new perspective to it.

MUAY THAI is also often offered as an example of military use but fail to mention those MUAY THAI warriors were armed with 2 swords when they went into combat.

Many of the ancient JUJUTSU technique were primarily for restraining an opponent so an opening could be found in the armor to insert a tanto or kaiken dagger. Whole different purpose than judo or bjj .
When I 1st learnt jujutsu /aikijutsu each technique was completed by reaching to your right hip as if drawing a dagger and making a stabbing or slashing movement to the throat .This practice has been discontinued and I have noticed AIKIJUTSU is beggining to look like UESHIBA AIKIDO more and more.

Arts such as karate kung fu etc have always been civilian methods and recieved most if not all it's developement from civilians in a time when the law was only for the powerful and rich and the common man had to rely on his own wits and skills to fight against bandits theives and marauding soldiers.
MARTIAL ? Hardly.

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