Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The following was written approxamitely 200 years ago.

Nowadays people are shallow and their resolution is not in earnest.They dislike the strenuous and love the easy from the time they are young.When they see something vaguely clever they want to learn it right away but if taught in the manner of the old ways think it not worth learning.
Even with methods like these students become bored and many quit TALKING about principals takes the high seat and the men of old are considered inadequate. Mastery becomes watered down and students only make efforts in things that might have them climb to "new heights"

By putting the above observation here I am not saying nothing can be changed as change is inevitable or it becomes some kind of antique curiosity but that the more tedious and to some boring aspects should be adhered to.
The fundamentals that make technique work must be taught and practiced constantly .
A student will excel at technique and sparring long before he/she has mastered the fundamentals of stance breathing balance rooting heaviness/lightness timing entering retreating .

Because they can excel at sparring they feel the rest isn't neccesary and indeed the instructor him/her self may never have been instructed in these fundamentals.
It is these fundamentals that make the difference between KARATE SHOW and KARATE DO.

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