Sunday, April 12, 2009


What is original intent or more clearly what was original intent? It is the reason for which martial arts was developed in the 1st place to ward off an attacker to control and restrain an attacker to escape from violence.

Unfortunately most arts whether they be CHINESE or JAPANESE or OKINAWAN or KOREAN or any other group you would care to name have deviated from original intent.
In fact the further an art gets from it's origins the more fanciful and theoretical it becomes.While theorys may be interesting and attract followers when put to the pressure test of extreme violence they soon unravel and leave the practioner defensless.

A well known SHING YI master stated that arts that are mainly hand forms are probably no more than 300 to 500 years old and anything before that was probably centered on weapons .Yet many claim to be 1 or 2 or even 3000 years old .
If such arts do exist they would bear little or no resemblance to the original.
His research has revealed a great deal of myth accepted as tradition in most arts and that most traditions are created fabrications to lend the method "authenticity" and lineage is perhaps the weakest proof of effectiveness as a martial system.
Why is it the weakest proof ?The karate or TE that MATSUMURA or ITOSU or any of the revered masters taught and practiced is not the karate you are learning and practicing .KATA were altered to hide the practical no nonsense application of technique and it's true bunkai taught to only favored students the UCHI DAESHI or inside student.This has led to a lot of guessing as to what the movements actually meant.

In the last 150 years kata has gone thru many changes and some of the "ancient " kata we learn are a mere 100 years old or less .We tend to judge karate and other arts by it's "face"sparring //tournaments //performing spectacular physical movements and the individuals expertise at these pursuits.
If karate has any secrets they are locked inside kata but we tend to ignore this "boring" aspect.This is why you must seek out the true bunkai of kata to fully understand your art .

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