Friday, May 22, 2009


What is a "patch" job.?An attempt usually futile at worst or unneccesary at best to improve something in which the "patcher" has been inadequately trained or given to understand .Kick boxing full contact karate were attempts to improve sport karate .It may have done that as far as spectator appeal was concerned but did nothing to improve or make karate more effective in terms of self defense in your face shit hits the fan situations.Karate was never designed for or practiced as sport prior to the 1930's in fact it is emphasis on sport the makes karate in a lot of cases ineffective.CQC or close quarter combat came along to "patch" the short comings of sport along with KRAV MAGA and SYSTEMA and any number of methods to make you an "invincable fear no man super ninja kung fu killer".
Proper kata bunkai is close quarters combat in the extreme swift bloody brutal because that is what you will have to be to survive .If you know proper bunkai and proper practice. Attacks are launched close in not from the usual forward stance gedan barai 6 ft away posture from which you can make any "defense" work .Technique is practiced until smoothness and swiftness are attained then the partner begins to add more and more resistance against your defence.
The attack that starts from 6 ft away is itself a patch job to promote sport distancing not real down and dirty survival.People who regularly engage in violence also have methods or technique if you prefer which has worked for them over and over again against all manner of opponents including martial artists of every type .
If you know proper bunkai and proper practice of bunkai courses in CQC or KRAV MAGA etc. may increase your knowledge but I think it's a waste of time and money.

Some patch jobs are political in origin in an attempt to change things to prove their way is more ancient more secret more effective more unique or an attempt to prove a history or racial origin that doesn't exist etc etc a 1000 times etc. and all they have done is change something they didn't understand in the 1st place and thereby don't understand the fundamentals even of the changes they have made.

It is not wrong to change a move in a kata or even create entirely new kata as long as you know the proper fundamentals of the bunkai that make a technique work .This has been going on for centuries as the social conditions of practioners changed.

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