Monday, June 8, 2009


Are there grappling technique in kata bunkai?To those of us that have studied grappling arts besides traditional karate the answer is blatantly obvious and has been for some time YES.
Do KATA contain bunkai that explain purely escape methods .Again the answer is YES for those of us who have come to understand ITOSU's precept that "karate is not for matched engagements but to defend oneself from ruffians unprovoked attacks.Enter do damage escape is the rule"
I have seen many 2 man drills and excercises developed from and for kata bunkai and they rarely cover one or both aspects of the above except maybe as an end to a long sequence of technique.
To some the less than macho aspect of escaping has little appeal but it protects you in 2 very important ways 1 the introduction of a weapon into the assault by him and 2 his buddies joining in the attack all of whom will claim you started it if the law becomes involved.

Speaking of the law if you do beat the crap out of someone beyond the point which you could have effectively escaped you cross the line between defender to attacker and will be charged and held accountable as such and possibly sued by him if you do permanent damage to him.

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