Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It has been long thought that mental processes under stress work the same as in a non stress situation.The eye sees the cause the information is transmitted to the frontal cortex and decides the degree of the threat and passes it to the amygdala and trggers the fight or flight reaction .
Studies of rape cases assaults on police and civilians and military engagements prove that the above is largely untrue.In a sudden violent attack the frontal cortex is by passed entirely and the amygdala immediately takes command the result being that without proper preparation and training the victim freezes in fear and panic.MARTIAL ARTISTS ARE AS MUCH PRONE TO THIS OCCURING AS ANYONE ELSE .It is the process by which we have managed to survive this long to become top of the food chain but the process started shortly after we came down from the trees and discovered monkey meat was some predators favorite food.Our ancestors didn't need to know why or try to put a rational face on violence directed at them it was get out of dodge time and they did not freeze up or feel a need to understand the situation.We as martial artists tend to want to control things to do the block punch thing fortunately our ancestors weren't as anal as that.A monkey won't hesitate to bite and claw the face of an attacking lion or another monkey size is irrelevant they instintively know that is thier best possibility of escape to make the attacker rear back hesitate consider other victims.All predators including human ones attack by surprise and use group force and stealth they know thier dinner/victim is most dangerous to them at the moment of attack.More than one lion has died by getting it's ribs stoved in or skull busted by a startled zebra or wildebeest.Because we have become rational thinking beings we attempt to apply some normalcy to the situation the brain screams "this can't be happening"or "why is this happening".Yes it is happening and there is no reason for it except that which exists in your attackers twisted psyche.Practicing with compliant partners who "honor " your technique by playing along with you is not going to prepare you for the real deal psycologically to do what has to be done to suffer what has to be suffered in order to come out alive to escape with as little damage as possible.Punching air or soft targets is not going to give your technique the power needed to stop an adrenaline hopped up attacker add in drugs and you have a real problem.Self defense training should be highly stressful with a healthy dose of fear introduced as the student advances .He/she thereby learns to handle fear and act correctly if and when a bad situation goes down

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