Thursday, October 29, 2009


Karate is often descibed as a military art or being derived from ancient military sources.Indeed it is described as a martial art by everyone including myself.
But is it BUDO or WAY OF WAR or BUNMIN JUTSU or civilian technique?1st let us look at what military colleges and experts consider as martial arts'
1 The deployment of troops
2 The resupply of troops
3 The study of battle field tactics
4 The gathering and use of intelligence reports
5 The use of a wide range of weapons from cruise missles to artillery and armor to aircraft and the soldiers personal weapons.

Any of the above being taught in your dojo?Karate took on the mantle and thereby "deadly" mystique of martial arts when it became accepted by the BUDO governing bodys of JAPAN after it's introduction to that country in the early 1900's on a major scale.There had been some sensei teaching before that time but the art eas not popular and considered inferior to existing arts .It was described by it's detractors as a "OKINAWAN peasant folk art".

CHOKI MOTUBU was to change that image and karate became very popular .The fact it was also introduced by the educated and pechin (royal)class of OKINAWANS also increased it's acceptance among the young men of JAPAN..

While karate can have military applications and adaptations as many of it's technique have the possibility to maim or kill it was not adapted from war arts like jujutsu kenjutsu etc.

Karate may have been introduced at an unfortunate time in JAPAN's history as the militarists who had taken control of the government saw it as an excellent vehicle for preparing young men for war and linked it to BUSHIDO a way of thinking the OKINAWAN's never bought into.


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