Sunday, November 1, 2009


In terms of self defense the bunkai shown in the video would be almost if not totally ineffective.
It assumes each opponent will "take his turn"
It is geared to sport range and all techniques are performed using sport distancing.
It assumes one strike will do it or even just a block.
It assumes and does not allow for opponents who grab or attempt to grapple.
It assumes the opponent will not launch multiple attacks or wave form.
It breaks every rule formulated by the code of interpretation

And yes that is FUNAKOSHI's son.
Apparently he has something of a rep as a street fighter in hawaii!!!!!!!!!
FUNAKOSHI's son a street fighter ?The master must be spinning in his grave.
What was he taught that wasn't shown to the rest of the world ?Maybe the bunkai code as detailed by master HIGAKI one of FUNAKOSHI's original students.


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