Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yes but not with the same intent of winning a prize but of guaranteeing one's safety so the ground and pound aspect was unlikely to be present.Taking someone down and then assuming the ground and pound posistion or trying for a submission is actually prolonging a fight and the longer the fight lasts the more your chances of losing increase.In MMA matches how many times have you seen someone come back and win from the weaker posistion.?Quite a few.To make karate more of a sport kata bunkai was altered to reflect only defenses against punches and kicks and the KENDO ideal of one strike one kill was applied to it to make judging easier in kumite matches.In actuality kata is countering grabs and striking //grabbing and striking //throwing or locking and striking without ever going to the ground besides blocking kicks and punches.Kind of like what goes on in a real fightThe assumption is a kata technique is the beginning and end of a fight when in actuality it is the begining only.It seeks to put you in a more advanteagous posistion in relation to your opponent's posistion.From there any manner of technique may be used as your opponent struggles against you.This is learnt by working with non compliant partners instead of statues that stand there and do nothing after launching one attack.komatsu

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