Sunday, November 8, 2009


If you know youself and your enemy there is no fear in a 1000 battles.

So said SUN TZU in his BOOK OF WAR but to those who have actually read it know it is also a book of infiltration and intelligence gathering in order to "know" the enemy before battle lines are drawn.

In a self defense situation we are not allowed the luxury of "pre knowledge" of an attacker.However there are signals we can read that signify an attack is likely to occur and thereby allow us to "know" our attacker.
Any change in the eyes in that they go wide or narrower.
Any change in tone of voice suddenly gets louder or lower
Change in body movement shuffles around acts agitated can't seem to keep still
A pale face gets more flushed and vice versa ,
A sudden turn as if to walk away.
These are all manifestations of the internal "fight or flight"mechanism revealing themselves externally.

Take note that sociopaths and phsycopaths that have an agenda other than beating you to a pulp rarely show any of these signs.They are charismatic seemingly friendly and even helpful or use some ruse to get your sympathy and will only resort to violence if and when neccesary long after you have set aside your fears and suspicions.TED BUNDY is a prime example.

What can you do?Learn the signs if you can't escape or de escalate the situation strike first .I know some people are going to say "what about karate ni sente nashi" or there is no 1st strike in karate .That is FUNAKOSHI's much quoted statement and just about all that most people know about him but of you read all his writings you will discover he advised doing what I said above.


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