Sunday, November 8, 2009

superior attributes

Understands how to turn speed into power.'
Uses sweeps reaps and throws.
Deadly close in with elbows and knees and head buts
Understands importance of center line and other superior blocking systems
Knows how to use stance as a weapon
Explosive entire body movement to close in suddenly
Wears opponent down with leg kicks
Trains on the makiwara and heavy bag.
Never skips kata practice
Builds elongated muscle not bulky muscle.
Fights using combinations
Trains daily
Works to develope one punch knock out power
In self defense fights viciously relentlessly ruthlessly
Balanced diet
Grabs and hits
Not afraid to slug it out.
Moves left or right or forward never backs up.
Creates openings by hitting not faking or feinting
Ability to turn tables on attacker and make him the defender
Ability to get out of the line of fire whether it be fists feet knives or bullets or tackle.
Combines hard and soft .NOTE Soft to an attacker does not seem soft it is only soft in the sense that what follows is much much harder.


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